‘Absolute joke’ – Pundit bristles with rage as Rangers news emerges this week

Barry Ferguson has been annoyed by the recent decision to not allow away fans at Rangers v Celtic games for the rest of the season.

The Daily Record reported [17 March] that away fans are going to be locked out on both occasions the two sides meet each other in the league.

Andy Walker has opposed this move and finds himself an ally in Ferguson who seconds his views.


Discussing this on Go Radio on 17 March, Ferguson, said, “It’s an absolute joke what’s going on and as Andy said, if you ask any Old Firm player past and present that’s been involved with 8,000 away fans, every one of them would say what me and Andy have just said there.

“I think it’s really sad that they can’t bang their heads together and come up with a solution to get back to how it was.”


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This is the fans’ game and the fans cannot be the ones that suffer because of improper planning from the authorities.

Sometimes things do get out of control, but there are always solutions to find, and the stewards also have a role to play.

Fans’ enjoyment on matchday is diminished because it is the match they look forward to for weeks and often months to come.


This issue needs to be seriously discussed because as of late, things have been changing from game to game.

Regardless of the location, we are confident that fans of both Rangers and Celtic will concur that fans must be permitted at away ends for all games.

Nobody wants to be sitting at home and watching it on the TV when they’re perfectly capable of going to the game but can’t because of some bonkers decision.

In other Rangers news, a pundit with insider information at Ibrox has shared one condition that will make Douglas Park leave the club.

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