Who lied to Ryan kent?

On top of Steven Gerrard’s explosive revelations yesterday about Ryan Jack are Ryan Kent’s equally explosive ones about Liverpool.

As we know, Gerrard stated the SFA were ‘careless’ over Jack’s fitness, with claims they knew his injury situation and absolutely neglected it, but Kent’s own statement about Liverpool and the manner of his exit is arguably even more sensational.

Kent, as we know, was subjected to a summer-long saga over his future, with initial claims about his path being later contradicted by other claims, and for his part, Kent dramatically insists he was outright lied to.

But, the more dramatic question is… who by?

We are not going to name names here, as it could land us in trouble, but there are only a handful of people it could possibly be, and only one of them clearly made no sense this summer with their conduct over Kent and certain other Liverpool players.

Whether this is someone in management at Anfield, an agent, or Liverpool backroom staff we couldn’t possibly comment, but Kent’s claims are strong, and given what we know of the sheer contradictions of his future one minute then his future the next, it doesn’t seem the most outlandish possibility.

Of course, what’s done is done, and Kent is now a happy happy Rangers player – the club he wanted all along – he didn’t have to move overseas, he didn’t have to move to the English Championship with its more modest stadiums unlike Ibrox, and he gets European football.

But it’s a bit disappointing that a lad who appears to be entirely honest and forthright with his views (even if he delivers them in such a laid back manner) would suggest he’d been manipulated in this way by people he should have been able to trust.


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“Not quite Messi” – but rising star is close to Ibrox breakthrough

As anyone who watched the Alkass tournament last year would attest, Rangers have something very special indeed on their hands in the form of youngster Nathan Young-Coombes.

The 16-year old attacker was one of the players of the tournament for the young Gers, as Rangers ran out trophy winners v the mighty Roma.

While we’d never be so irresponsible to suggest he’s ready for the first team yet, at such a tender age, equally Lionel Messi and Wayne Rooney both started exceptionally young, and for demanding clubs, albeit maybe not quite as intense in the case of Rooney.

Not that we’re arguing that Young-Coombes is as good as either, but then, how many Celtic supporters reckoned Van Dijk would be the world’s best defender in a few years?

Rangers do have a talent here, and a dearth of high-quality attacking playmakers in the side. We have a tonne of wingers, yes, but no real number 10s worth speaking of.

NYC is of an age where his exact position can still be nurtured, evolved and refined, and if his coaches see a masterful number 10 in his potential, he’s seriously one for the future.

The fact is we’ve seen the quality he has, and it’s remarkable. Chelsea stole Billy Gilmour from Rangers, and we’ve pulled off a coup of our own snapping up NYC in return.

Whether we’ll see him knocking on the door of the senior squad sometime soon we don’t know, but the talent he’s displayed suggests he’s one who has more chance than most of making it.

And we’d love to see one of our youth products breaking into the senior ranks.

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Rangers’ 26 y/o may have made huge sacrifice for the club

As our earlier piece alluded to, Swedish £3M signing Filip Helander spent yet more time on the bench for his nation during the Euro 2020 qualifiers, to add to the bench time he’s suffered at Ibrox.

But, the sympathy we have with the ex-Bologna man is that he joined Rangers to get off the Italian bench at Bologna. Rangers paid £3M for this Swedish international, and a couple of appearances all seasons is all he’s managed.

There are two sides to this ‘issue’, and both are equally valid.

The first is the farce of wasting £3M on a player who’s ended up as squad material. That he joined us to play, to get away from the bench in Italy’s top flight, being a player out of favour with coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, and instead of sitting on their bench, he’s now sitting on ours. We feel a genuine regret over this, and that he must have assumed he’d have a fair shout of getting football at Ibrox, and yet he hasn’t.

But the second is that while it’s cost £3M, the competition has got the best and even better out of rising Croat superstar Niko Katic who has looked absolutely sensational this season, far superior we’ll bet to what Steven Gerrard even believed he could ascend to. Having a strong pool of defensive options (George Edmundson has shown excellent promise during his few outings as well) is paramount for a club like Rangers, and that Katic has been propelled into ‘asset’ territory over the course of this season is a testament to having a player like Helander on the bench.

It is unfortunate for the Swede, but the club must come first – while it’s (sadly) costing him his career right now, and the decent humans that we are we don’t want to see that, it is a team game and his presence and desire to play is only making Niko Katic play even better – and that benefits Rangers in every way.

We can’t see any time soon where he (or indeed Edmundson) will become regulars bar injury to either Katic or indeed Goldson, but nevertheless, their presence is giving us one heck of a back line.

And that works.

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International break taught us something absolutely massive at Ibrox

With the international break now over, Rangers’ involvement in it was significant, stark, and certainly eye-opening.

Let Ibrox Noise take you through the highlights of what exactly went on for our players this past 10 days, and where it leaves them.

Filip Helander:

Axed from the squad entirely to face the Faroes, the former Bologna man was on the bench against Norway but wasn’t used. He had a rich vein of international appearances earlier this year, but his lack of football at club level was clearly a problem and the Swedes elected to use him only as squad. The 26-year old will be hoping his career ignites soon, because right now he’s rotting on every bench there is.

Alfredo Morelos:

Morelos wasn’t called up for Colombia’s recent friendlies, nor was he called up for their Copa America squad this summer. This is all understandable – he didn’t do too well on his little spurt of caps recently, and manager Carlos Queiroz needs to see him deliver his recent form more consistently. The ex-HJK man has been excellent this season, but needs to prove himself a little more in terms of regularity on the big occasions.

Nikola Katic:

Not called up for his country’s U21s on age grounds, we believe, Katic is hovering around the senior side now. He’s getting close, and we don’t imagine it being too long before Dalic picks up the phone.

Borna Barisic:

Starred again for Croatia in both their matches, and managed some sumptuous deliveries as usual for his NT. Was also fortunate not to be sent off after a particularly bad challenge v Azerbaijan, but the 26-year old’s global stock keeps rising with appearances like these and he’s definitely doing enough at that level to be worth multimillions. He just needs to add Rangers to his CV of consistently impressive performances.

Joe Aribo:

Joe marked his international debut with a goal on 3 minutes, and can be thrilled with his overall performance in the match, over which his home nation’s media went kind of nuts. He hasn’t quite set Ibrox alight yet, but like Borna Barisic is producing for his country – this is a £20M player in the making if he can translate his previous club and national form over to Ibrox.

Glen Kamara:

Glen played all 180 minutes of his country’s latest outings, v Greece (W) and Italy (L) in his customary more advanced position in midfield, and did himself proud as per. He’s another one performing well for his country, but not quite on form in Govan as yet this term. And therefore another one worth a lot of money, if he can just regain that Rangers form from last season.

Ryan Jack:

Sent home with an injury caused by the NT, Ryan played no part in Scotland’s various humiliations, of which we are extremely glad. We hope he will be fit come Saturday but Stevie appears to have hinted that won’t be likely.

Steven Davis:

Just a late sub for NI v Luxembourg in their friendly win, Davis became NI’s most capped player v Germany with 113. He continues to be a stalwart for the Ulster Boys and while he has no monetary value now, his value to Rangers and his nation is priceless.

We are not looking at the U21 stuff in this piece, but when we look overall at where Rangers players are with the internationals, it’s evident just how far we’ve come in the past year or two under Steven Gerrard. Rangers now have a pile of players either as regulars for their countries or close to breaking through.

And that is absolutely fantastic.

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Rangers shock: club could have a serious case for dramatic legal action

With Steven Gerrard’s revelations over Steve Clarke’s disgracefully shoddy and amateurish handling of Ryan Jack’s fitness still fresh in the memory, it raises a serious question.

Gerrard clearly states the national team was aware of Jack’s fitness issue with his knee, that Steve Clarke was well aware of his ongoing issues.

This means that the care that the NT was supposed to take with the player was evidently not in effect, and they either carelessly damaged Jack through pure neglect and ignorance, or deliberately set about damaging him to weaken the player at club level.

Either one is completely unacceptable and it’s clear Rangers have a strong legal case to take genuine action over this – no apology has been made, and typical of any team managed by Steve Clarke, no accountability has been forthcoming.

In short, Scotland and the ex-Killie boss don’t have a leg to stand on here.

If Rangers can prove Scotland knew of Jack’s ailment and neglected the proper care and attention towards a Rangers asset and valuable property, there is certainly a case to answer.

Whether Rangers would want another court case is a completely different matter, true, and it’s likely the hassle wouldn’t be worth it, but equally Ryan Jack’s importance to the club is paramount and if Rangers truly feel they have something worth prosecuting, there may be every chance.

After all, just about anything goes to court these days…

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