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Fil’s Attitude Was Spot-On

DR MARK WALLER has praised Filip Helander for his attitude to his recovery from a long-term foot injury.

Helander was injured back on December 8, and despite the prognosis being four months to recover, he was over his issue within 12 weeks – although lockdown prevented him making his return from injury last season.

The club doctor was mightily impressed with the Swedish international’s approach, outlining: “I think hard work, really – hard work on his part and hard work on the part of the physiotherapy staff.

“Whenever we are faced with difficult injuries, we always take advice from experts and the best experts we can find.

“Although we knew what was wrong with him, it was how we managed this particular situation and he was given a four-month rehab time which we felt we could do better.

“We thought three months was probably reasonable, and I think he was 85 days was he? So that’s 12 weeks and a day.

“So that’s not too bad as far as we are concerned, but he has had an extremely positive attitude, and that is so helpful to us as if you have a player that is extremely positive, then it makes our job a lot easier.

“And, somebody that does everything you ask of him, and that is exactly what Filip did – he was a model patient.”

As the Rangers squad get fully into the swing of pre-season now with contact training now permitted, Dr Waller also explained how the players have been keeping fit over the last few months.


He believes the programme assigned to them has been massively beneficial, and continued: “When we realised what was going on, the sports science people at the club and parts of the medical staff were very keen to not allow players to have protracted periods of time without activity.

“We were very aware of lots of different aspects of problems which could ensue, so we were looking at small things like, ‘what happens if they have a dental problem’ or ‘what happens with their cardiovascular fitness’ and ‘what happens with their eye-to-foot and eye-to-hand coordination?’

“If you are not kicking a football at all for three or four months, a lot of your coordination with that will go.

“So all of these are areas we were thoughtful of, rather than, and I am aware that quite a lot of clubs and a few of my friends south of the border are at clubs, where everything was running – and that is all they could do.

“A lot of these guys have fairly big gardens and have lots of gym equipment, so there is lots more that they can do, and our sports-science people have been extremely proactive in that.”

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Filip Helander Pleased With Gers’ Transfer Moves

Rangers defender Filip Helander admits he is delighted to see the Gers adding to their squad so early in the summer. 

The Gers are shaping up for a huge 2020/21 campaign, but there is still financial uncertainty as it is unclear when fans will be allowed back into games

Rangers are still in the market for signings despite the tough financial landscape and have turned Ianis Hagi’s loan into a permanent move.

The club have also signed young defender Calvin Bassey from Leicester City, while goalkeeper Jon McLaughlin has arrived from Sunderland.

Helander is pleased to see Rangers making signings and feels it sends out the right signal ahead of the new season.

“It’s a great signal from the club”, the defender told Rangers TV.

“As a player, you always want your team to be as strong as possible and that is what we are looking for every day in training when there are new players coming in to make us a stronger team.”

Rangers are looking at a long pre-season before the start of the new Scottish Premiership season on 1st August, and Helander feels that means there can be no excuses when the action begins.

“Of course, there is still a long way to go, but whenever it is going to be, there is no excuse to not be ready and we are all looking forward to it”, he added.

Helander missed the second half of this season with injury and last played for Rangers in December.

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Fit Fil Raring For Fresh Start

MORE than six-months on from what proved to be a season-ending injury, Filip Helander is back in full training and is raring to go ahead of the new season.

The Swedish defender hasn’t played since December 8, but was close to a comeback when last season ended prematurely in March.

Along with his teammates, he’s spent the last fortnight hard at work at the Rangers Training Centre, and took time out to speak exclusively to RangersTV on his return.

“It feels fantastic,” he began. “I have been looking forward to it and it has been nice to get going. Of course, when you’re not on the pitch you can’t help your team, so it has been tough every game day, but I am a professional football player and I just tried to do my best in every training session, even though I’m injured.

“So it hasn’t been that difficult, but now I feel strong and ready to go.


“I was back with the team just before the lockdown, so it has been a long time since I last played a game.

“But I have been in Sweden during the lockdown so I have had the possibility to train there and have some football there back at home.”

Prior to his injury, Helander was in sparkling form for the Light Blues both domestically and on the European stage.

He’s aiming to push on even further this coming season, and continued: “When I arrived, I hadn’t had a pre-season so I was a bit behind everyone else, then when I started to play, both October and November I think I played well and then I got injured.

“Hopefully I can get to an even higher level now.”

In-terms of pushing the club onto an even higher level, Gers have already secured the signings of Ianis Hagi, Calvin Bassey and Jon McLaughlin.

Helander has been thrilled to see Gers doing business early-on, and said: “It’s a great signal from the club. As a player, you always want your team to be as strong as possible and that is what we are looking for every day in training when there are new players coming in to make us a stronger team.”

There are still five weeks of hard work to go for the Rangers players prior to them returning to competitive action, hopefully on the weekend of August 1.

Helander is convinced he and his teammates will be ready to go, and added: “Absolutely, but I think that has been going on in the players’ heads for a long time now. I’m very confident [the team will be ready].

“Of course, there is still a long way to go, but whenever it is going to be, there is no excuse to not be ready and we are all looking forward to it.”

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Celtic Touch Base Over Signing Rangers Target, Player Interested In Move, Hurdle Remains

Celtic have been in touch with the representatives of Rangers target Haris Belkebla to register their interest in the midfielder. 

Belkebla is a man in demand following a season of solid displays in Ligue 1 with Brest and several sides are showing interest in snapping him up

Rangers are keen to take Belkebla to Scotland, while Lens want to keep him in France and add the Algeria international to the ranks.

Now, according to Algerian outlet Le Buteur, Celtic have been in touch to make clear that they would like to sign Belkebla.

Belkebla is willing to move to Celtic and is excited about the possibility of a move away from France.

He is also alive to Lens’ advances, but a problem remains in the shape of Brest.

Brest consider Belkebla to be a key man and are opposed to losing him when the transfer window opens, viewing him as one of the best in Ligue 1 at what he does.

Belkebla has started training again with his team-mates at Brest and wants to have his future resolved before the new Ligue 1 campaign starts.

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Loan Rangers Q&A Highlights

RYDC hosted a Twitter Q&A with Rangers Academy stars Danny Finlayson and Cammy Palmer recently.

Both players are currently enjoying their loan spell at partner club Orange County in California and they were delighted to answer questions from supporters on their American adventure.

Check out the highlights of their session…

Q – NARSA – Danny and Cammy, how different is the soccer (sorry, football) in the States, and will you be visiting the @OCRSC to watch Rangers when we’re back playing?

DF – Hard to tell at the moment in terms of competitive league action due to the lockdown. But what I can say is that the standards are still very high and there are a lot of talented players over here.

DF – Yes I will be watching the games closely and I wish the team the best of luck.

CP – It’s quite different to back home as it’s probably a bit slower than Scottish football. It emphasises more on quality on the ball and playing the game depending on the altitude or in most cases the weather which can affect how fast the games are played. Wherever we can go to or whatever we can get our hands on to watch Rangers play we will!

Q – Elsie McCready – Hi you two. Hope you are enjoying your football. What do you find different at Orange County  to being at The Rangers Training Centre?

DF – Training with men day in and out in a first team environment has been the biggest change. It’s much different to the reserves as you have experienced professionals to compete with and also to lean on for advice. Training is similar in terms of high standards and my approach is the same which is to give 100%.

CP – I think for me it’s different being in a first team environment compared to an academy one and it’s been great learning off experienced players. They’ve all been great in keeping us to high standards. It’s a very positive environment to be in.

Q – Jamie – Hello lads, How’s the California lifestyle suiting you?

DF – Lifestyle is unreal to be honest, sun every day and I go to Laguna and Newport Beach a lot which is fun.

CP – The California lifestyle is cool and it suits me very well. Everyone’s very optimistic and are always up for doing things. There is so much to do and the weather really gives you a lift throughout your days.

Q – Can you surf yet?

DF – Does body surfing count?

CP – No we can’t properly surf yet but we’ve had many attempts at body surfing which is fun but has spat us back to shore a couple times.

Q – What are your hopes for your stay in OC both on and off field?

DF – To be honest my main goal over here is to play as many first-team games as possible whilst improving as a player. I want to come back with experience with a look to pushing towards the Rangers first team.

CP – My hopes for OC is to play as many games as possible and really start building my CV adding goals and assists to my game and being an influential player on the team. Also maturing as a player on the pitch but especially off the pitch growing as a person and knowing how to be independent.

Q – How do you find the standard of football?

DF – The standard of football over in Orange County is very good and seems to be underestimated back home. There is a mix of experienced lads who have played at a very high level and promising young players who are more than capable of having good careers.

CP – Yeah I would say I was surprised how good the level was over here. I think everyone back home underestimates how good some of the players over here are. It will definitely help me improve as a player

Q – Who are your favourite Rangers players – Past and present?

DF – I would say my favourite Rangers player of the past would be Barry Ferguson. What he done for the club and the amount of trophies he won was incredible. And my favourite current player would have to be Steven Davis. He is very composed and is a real leader and obviously an excellent player.

CP – As I lived in Canada when I was younger I didn’t really watch much Rangers games but playing for Rangers has highlighted players like Barry Ferguson and Paul Gascoigne who were brilliant. My favourite current player is Steven Davis because of what he has done in his club/international career and how he carries himself around the place.

Q – Tom – Cammy – March 2018 you played in a Gers legends team. When you look back on that experience and  more recently your 2 loans away from Ibrox how much more mature and ready are you now to take on the challenge of being a Ranger?

CP – It made me realise what an honour and how high the level is to play for Rangers. I feel I am a lot more equipped to come back to Rangers and challenge the first team players as well as show the gaffer that I can be trusted. I think this current loan will help mould me more into a better well-rounded player.

Q – Tom – Danny – looking back to Solihull in October. The Moors strikers tried to bully the Rangers defence but after 10 minutes you & Rhys came to terms with their physicality. Sum up what it took to stand up in that environment including how you dealt with things mentally.

DF – Yes that was an extremely hard game in the Challenge Cup. It was the first time in a proper first team away environment. I think me and Rhys have a good understanding and like a physical challenge which makes it easier. I would say I’m the type of player that learns quickly and enjoys a challenge so my mentality was mostly excitement as it was a game that meant something and was good to win which I believe should happen at Rangers.

Q – Colin – Thinking about Lockdown – What does a typical day look like for you?

DF – A typical day for me is up at 7:45am to go to training for a 9am start. Train till about 11am then come home. Usually have a bit of lunch then go to the pool and then relax the rest of the day. Not the most exciting days at the moment.

CP – A typical day is to get up at 7:30am and get ready to get picked up for 8:15am. Then train from 9-10.30am. Then come home make some lunch, speak to family or my girlfriend then get some Uni work done. After that, go chill by the apartment pool then make some dinner at about 7pm. Then finish off my night watching some American Idol.

Q – What do you enjoy most about America – anything you dislike?

DF – I enjoy the culture, sun and the great people I’ve met since coming here. I wouldn’t say I dislike anything as such. Maybe how hot it is because I’m pale I tend to get burnt a lot.

CP – I enjoy the variety of things to do and places to go, whether it’s the beach, the supermarket or the pool. The weather really makes planning things a lot easier. A couple things I dislike about America is the time difference so for calling people and watching football is often difficult and also the Scottish treats such as Wine Gums and biscuits that you can’t get over here. Poor show

Q – Robert – What do you hope to get out of this loan move and life experience?

DF – It definitely has been a life experience. Being away from home with no family or football due the virus. I have learned resilience and to keep going and that self-motivation is the most important when trying to get to the top. I also hope to get valuable first team experience and show people that I’m capable.

CP – I hope to get loads more games to my name and to really start showing people what I can do which is still feel is to come. Being more responsible and mature with keeping a house clean, buying food for the week and cooking food etc.

Q – Robert – How much of a benefit has it been having couple of ex Rangers players and three Rangers academy players all at Orange County?

DF – Having players like Rob Kiernan and Harry Forrester has been excellent. They have played for the Rangers first team where I’m aspiring to be which makes them quality players. They are probably sick of me as all I do is constantly ask them questions.

CP – Having ex Rangers players there has helped us massively because they’ve been able to relate to us and guide is the right direction. Also it helps on the pitch because we see things similarly that’s been taught to us back at Rangers. Having someone to share a house with has been great and has really kept my accountable and motivated.

Q – Nick Hi guys, hope you’re both doing well! – What other sports do you like and who were your football heroes growing up?

DF – I love watching tennis I’ve started to play it over here. My favourite players growing up are Sergio Ramos and Roy Keane.

CP – I like to play and watch a lot of sports like American Football, Basketball, Tennis and Athletics. My hero growing up was probably Kaka but I didn’t get to see him at his best for long which was annoying but watching players like Iniesta and Xavi made me really fall in love with football.

Q – Cammy, how pleased were you to get an early game for OC and Danny, you must be desperate to get going after lockdown?

DF – I was pleased to see Cammy play in the first game, he did really well. I’m buzzing to make my debut for Orange County and show the fans what I can do and make as big an impact as I can.

CP – Yeah it was great to get the first game underway and show the coaches a glimpse of what I can bring. I am really looking forward to playing more and I’m desperate to show the coaches my full potential. I can’t wait to get started again.

Q – Stuart MacQuarrie – Hi Danny and Cammy, you’re both part of the Rangers family even though you’re living distantly from the Rangers Training Centre and Ibrox. How do you keep up the connection with your families and your pals in the Rangers family and what is important to you in driving you forward?

DF – I’ve been able to keep up with most of the boys through social media – guys like Brian Kinnear and Josh McPake so I’ve been kept up to date. It’s important to stay as focused as possible though and make sure that I learn as much as possible out here.

CP – Yeah it’s been tough at times being away from everyone especially family but we’ve learn to adapt living away from everyone and we both regularly call family and friends through FaceTime and zoom. Starting back football has really motivated us to stay here and being in an environment that will really enhance us as footballers.

Q – 54 League Titles – What’s been your favourite part about living in America? Please tell me Chipotle is still as good as I remember it!

DF – Haha yeah like I said before it’s good and the weather is amazing. Chipotle is unreal – been there a few times and it’s very good

CP –  Probably the amazing beaches they have on offer such as Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. The crazy thing is you could go there every day of the week and still go to a different part of it as some parts are hidden beaches. Chipotle, yeah it’s great! One of my favourites by far. Nothing better than Mexican cuisine

It’s a difficult time for us all but The Rangers Youth Development Company will still continue to operate as well as possible during these unprecedented circumstances.

We hope you all stay safe and we wish you and your families well.

For full details on all RYDC products – Rangers Lotto, The Union Jackpot, Scratchcards, Rangers Pools and Stadium Bricks – visit or call 0141 427 4914.

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Castore Supporter Update

RANGERS are delighted to confirm that our 20/21 Home kits will be officially unveiled on Wednesday 1st July at 9.00am.

The kit design is completely unique to Rangers with best quality fabrics, bespoke design features and will be the first Castore x Rangers product to be launched to supporters.

Furthermore, following the unveiling of training wear, we intend to launch our away and third kits in the coming weeks.

This milestone will reinforce our partnership and a new era for the club.  The fact that Rangers Football Club directly benefits from every product bought through Castore is very encouraging and gives fans the peace of mind that their purchases will be reinvested in our club.

As previewed in the partnership announcement, MyGers Members will receive exclusive early access to the kit launch video and can also look forward to viewing the kit at 8am on the 1st July.

Our new Ibrox retail store is being significantly redeveloped and is set to open mid-August, whilst Castore identify further retail sites across the UK.

Commercial and Marketing Director, James Bisgrove commented,

‘’We’re looking forward to officially unveiling the 2020/21 home kit on 1st July. This is the first of many exciting and bespoke Rangers products that have been developed together with Castore for Rangers supporters across the globe.’’

‘’The product development process with Castore is continuing every day with a number of further exciting products in the pipeline for next season. As we reach the significant milestone of our 150th anniversary year, we have a keen eye towards the 2021/22 season and the numerous opportunities this presents for limited edition Rangers products.”

‘’The new Ibrox Retail Store is making excellent progress and we’re looking forward to opening the doors in August, which will be a major milestone and representation of the new era and fresh start that this partnership brings.”

For more information visit

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Rangers working with major transfer budget as latest Ibrox signing handed pay hike

As Rangers strengthen their squad in the wake of a chaotic few months, there is much to excite their fans.

Three senior signings are already in the bag and plans are intensifying for more to join them.

Rangers added to the landmark capture of Ianis Hagi and the exciting one of Callum Bassey last week when they prised Jordan McLaughlin from Sunderland.

The Scottish giants confirmed the capture of the former Hearts goalkeeper on a free transfer 24 hours after their interest had been exclusively revealed by Football Insider.

What is especially encouraging for Bears is that recruitment chief Ross Wilson and manager Steven Gerrard appear to be working with a significant budget.

Significantly, this is not only in terms of transfer fees, but also wages, which are crucial in attacking quality and proven players.

Certainly, McLaughlin falls into that category.

Capped twice by Scotland, he has joined on the back of two fine seasons at an English club where the expectation and pressure is not too dissimilar to that of Rangers.

McLaughlin has also played in the SPL for Hearts and has extensive experience at Football League clubs south of the border.

Money talks.

As Black Cats idol Kevin Phillips, and someone who knows the workings of the club inside out, has pointed out to Football Insider, Rangers have offered McLaughlin a better paid deal than Sunderland.

“It is Sunderland’s loss but it is no surprise he left,” he told Football Insider. “Sunderland made an offer but he has obviously been handed a better contract to go back to Scotland.”

That is great news for Rangers fans, some of whom would have feared a severe tightening of the finances in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

They do not need especially long memories to get the shivers over fiscal concerns at their club.

The Douglas Park-led board have backed Gerrard to the hilt during his two years at the reins, most spectacularly with the Ryan Kent signing on deadline day last summer.

While a repeat of that deal is only realistic if Alfredo Morelos is sold for well above £10million, there is proof that club chiefs are fulling supportive of the targets lined up given the context of the Ibrox revenues and cash in the bank.

This should provide hope for Bears that the best is yet to come in this summer’s window.

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Rangers Could Find Open Door With Bid For Kemar Roofe, Anderlecht Open To Sale

Rangers could succeed in signing Kemar Roofe from Anderlecht this summer, even though the striker is settled in Belgium. 

Steven Gerrard’s side have been linked with a possible bid for Roofe in the event that they need to replace Alfredo Morelos.

Anderlecht only signed Roofe from Leeds United last summer and in an injury disrupted campaign he hit the back of the net six times in 13 Belgian top flight games.

It had appeared that Rangers would be up against it to sign Roofe with the news he is happy and settled at Anderlecht, and looking forward to the new season.

However, according to Belgian outlet Voetbal Belgie, Anderlecht have not closed the door on selling Roofe.

Anderlecht need to bring in money to finance new signings this summer and Roofe is viewed as a potential source of funds.

It is claimed that Anderlecht would be prepared to sell Roofe if a bid of between €6m and €10m is made.

They will not though push the striker out and he must be happy to make the move away from the club.

Roofe, who scored 33 goals in 122 games during his spell at Leeds United, has a contract at Anderlecht which runs until the summer of 2022.

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Rangers Extend Utilita Partnership

RANGERS are delighted to confirm an extension to their long standing partnership with Utilita for season 2020/21.

Utilita first joined as a club partner ahead of the 2016/17 season, featuring on the back of the first team kit.

This season’s partnership sees further strengthening of our brand relationship with Utilita, who will now feature on the front of the Girls Academy shirt and on all kids retail kits. Utilita banding will also feature on the Women’s First Team back of shirt, as a further demonstration of Utilita’s support of Girls & Women’s football at all levels.

This is the first time Rangers have appointed a specific partner for our Girls Academy and Junior kits. We are proud to continue to be industry leaders with new and innovative approaches to increasing the clubs commercial revenues.

Our Junior Gers members now have their own specific identity within our kit launch. Empowering future generations fits perfectly with Utilita’s commitment to growing British football, especially grassroots.

Jem Maidment, Utilita’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “For the first time, the Rangers’ Junior and Girls Academy kits have their own specific identity as part of our commitment to growing British football and empowering future generations, especially at grassroots level.

“We’re delighted to be working with Rangers for a fourth consecutive season as we continue to build our relationship with the club, its fans and wider community.”

James Bisgrove, Commercial and Marketing Director outlined his delight at this announcement, “We would like to thank Utilita for their long standing commitment and continued investment in Rangers.

“Next season will be their 4th as an Official Club Partner and we’re delighted the partnership will now focus activations on our younger fans and players through an investment into the Girls Academy, Junior Gers membership, and a selection of kids retail Rangers products.”

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Gersnet Podcast 093 – Ins, Outs and Future Fun in France

  • Acast: (also compatible with Alexa Skills – use your Echo to enjoy the pod!)
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  • Google Play (USA only for now): Listen on Google Play Music
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  • Podbean: Coming soon
  • Spotify: (also compatible with Alexa Skills – use your Echo to enjoy the pod!)

Alexa Skills!

Another cool feature of Acast, Castbox, Stitcher and TuneIn is that you can add Skills to your Alexa smart devices in order to listen to the pod through your Echo or TV.

Just open your Amazon Alexa app and search for the relevant Skill to add it, then try the following example commands to get started:

“Alexa, Ask Acast/Stitcher/CastBox/TuneIn to play the Gersnet Podcast”
“Alexa, Ask Acast/Stitcher/CastBox/TuneIn to play the latest episode of the Gersnet Podcast”
“Alexa, Ask Acast/Stitcher/CastBox/TuneIn to play my Favorites playlist”
“Alexa, Ask Acast/Stitcher/CastBox/TuneIn to play Front Page”
“Alexa, Ask Acast/Stitcher/CastBox/TuneIn what are my playlists?”
“Alexa, Ask Acast/Stitcher/CastBox/TuneIn to play Listen Later”

Obviously the Skills support various other relevant commands which you can have fun exploring!


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