Gersnet Podcast 160 – Here we Gio

As Rangers retain their position at the top of the Scottish Premiership table in the new manager’s first league match, Colin is joined by Frankie and Chris Jack to review today’s win at Livingston and what we can expect from a tough December schedule.

Apologies for the sound issues in this pod. This has been identified and will be fixed for our next live pod on Tuesday night previewing the Hibs match.

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Charlie Adam believes Giovanni van Bronckhorst has made a change at Rangers already

Charlie Adam believes that Giovanni van Bronckhorst has made a big change at Rangers on the training ground already.

The former Gers midfielder thinks that the Dutchman has told his team to instantly press as soon as they lose the ball.

He believes that this will get the best out of Alfredo Morelos, and he commented on the 25-year-old’s effort during the 3-1 win over Livingston on Sunday.

Speaking on BBC Sportsound [via Daily Record], he said: “He (Van Bronckhorst) will want to put his own stamp on the team, which I have seen in his first two games.

“I just see the different reaction from some players. Morelos, when he lost the ball, went to chase it and get it back.

“They hunted to get the ball back. That is probably something where the manager has laid down a rule; as soon as you lose it, you have to get it back.

“The two games I have seen Rangers have been at it. Now everyone else has to chase them.”

Can Morelos get back to his best?

The Colombian scored twice in van Bronckhorst’s first game in charge and followed that up with an assist for Joe Aribo.

So, though it is early days, things look good for Morelos, who lost his way a little bit near the end under Steven Gerrard.

Therefore, it will be fascinating to see if this has just been a good start from Morelos and things drop off again soon, or he really is back to his best.

If he was back to his best, then the Gers instantly become a more dangerous side with a fit and hungry Morelos than they are without him firing or in a mood.

If van Bronckhorst can get consistent performances from the Colombian, things should improve for the Bears considerably.

We all know what he is capable of, so let us all see if this is when Morelos really gets going for the season.

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Dave Vos spotted during Rangers v Livingston

New Rangers assistant manager Dave Vos was spotted at the Livingston game on Sunday after joining the Gers.

Last week, Vos left Ajax to become Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s assistant manager as the Dutchman completed his move to Glasgow.

He was spotted alongside the Gers sporting director Ross Wilson, and you would think he will join up with GvB’s coaching staff this week.

The Bears face Hibernian on Wednesday evening as van Bronckhorst looks to keep up his 100% record, and having Vos alongside him should help.

Things are taking shape for the Bears.

After Steven Gerrard left so suddenly, you have to credit the Gers for the speed in which they have moved to replace the 41-year-old and all of the backroom staff that he took with him.

Now, they have van Bronckhorst in place, and he has his own staff with him as well, and the Gers moved quickly to bring in his staff as well.

It was nice to see Vos at the game on Sunday, and he must have been impressed with bits of what he saw as the Gers roared to a 3-1 win away from home.

Vos has a big reputation and arrives from a big club with a fantastic European pedigree, so we are excited to see what impact he can have on the club.

You have to say that Vos arrives at just the right time off the back of two wins, and now he can settle in alongside van Bronckhorst and start to implement his plans on the first-team squad.

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